Energy supply built to supply microcontrollers in safety-relevant applications

Texas Devices TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 Multi-Rail Energy Source is built to produce microcontrollers in safety-relevant purposes, this sort of as individuals found during the automotive sector. The device supports purposeful basic safety microcontrollers with dual-core lockstep and various multi-core architectures. The units combine a number of offer rails to electricity the MCU, CAN or FlexRay, and exterior sensors. A buck-boost converter, with internal FETs, converts the input battery voltage among 2.3V and 36V into a 6V pre-regulator output that supplies one other regulators. An built-in cost pump gives an overdrive voltage with the internal regulators and can even be used to drive an exterior NMOS FET as reverse battery defense. The system supports wake-up from an IGN pin or wake-up from the CAN transceiver or other signal.

The gadget contains a steering-angle monitoring (SAM) unit that permits the Eu to indirectly capture the place on the steering wheel by way of the motor-position sensors. A devoted low-power manner allows this SAM device to operate even if the Eu is in rest manner. Integrated SAM-switches allow passing-through on the Motor-Position Sensor alerts on the MCU during usual operation or decoupling the MCU ADC inputs from the motor-position sensor signals in the event the Eu is in slumber manner.

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An independent voltage monitoring unit inside the machine displays undervoltage and overvoltage on all internal source rails and regulator outputs in the battery source. Regulator existing limitations and temperature protections can also be carried out. The devices element a question-answer watchdog, MCU error-signal observe, clock monitoring around the interior oscillator, self-check on clock monitor, CRC on non-volatile memory and SPI interaction. Furthermore, it encompasses a diagnostic output pin enabling MCU to look at gadget interior analog and electronic signals, a reset circuit for the MCU (NRES pin), and also a basic safety output (ENDRV pin) to disable exterior power-stages on any detected system-failure. The product automatically runs a BIST at startup, as well as MCU may re-run the BIST all through program operate time by means of software program regulate if necessary. A dedicated DIAGNOSTIC point out enables the MCU to examine gadget performance.

The units even have an error reporting means by way of the SPI sign-up. The gadget has individual standing bits in the SPI register for every specific mistake to the procedure stage or system stage. In the event the product identifies a specific mistake situation, it sets the right standing little bit and retains this standing bit set until eventually the MCU reads-out the SPI register wherein this position bit was set. Primarily based on which position little bit was set, the MCU can ascertain regardless of whether it should preserve the program within a harmless point out or no matter if it could carry on the operation from the method. The units are AEC-Q100 certified for automotive purposes.

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Electrical power offer designed to provide microcontrollers in safety-relevant programs

Electric power offer designed to produce microcontrollers in safety-relevant apps

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